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Innovative bird control solutions

BirdProTech is a trademark created by the AgriProTech company.
The company manufactures professional-grade and high quality repellent systems for industrial and agricultural sectors since 2015.
Our reputation relies on a trust-based relationship with our customers and partners. Following a growing demand from other key sectors for sustainable and innovative bird control solutions, the international brand BirdProTech has been launched in 2023.

About BirdProTech
Creation of BirdProTech brand
Key sectors : Industry, Energy and Pest Control

Promoting coexistence between human activities and wildlife

Protecting sensitive human activities from bird damage is a necessity in various sectors, including energy, industry, and pest control.
Implementing bird control measures not only prevents financial losses, but also ensures the safety and sustainability of these industries. Investing in cost-saving solutions such as automated acoustic devices is a wise choice, providing long-term benefits while maintaining harmony between humans and wildlife.
These can include acoustic, visual or laser methods to encourage birds to move to other safer areas rather than problematic locations, thus promoting coexistence between humans and our feathered neighbours.

Cost saving solutions

Adopting bird control initiatives is a financially prudent strategy for all these sectors. By preventing bird damage, businesses can avoid costly repairs, reduce disruption to operations and increase productivity. A variety of methods are available to meet different needs and financial constraints.

Technological advances have revolutionised bird control methods. Automated acoustic, laser or visual bird deterrents have gained widespread acceptance for their non-invasive approach to bird deterrence. These devices emit laser beams, scaring signals or provide visual stimuli that are aversive to birds, yet harmless to humans and wildlife, and represent effective means of discouraging bird intrusion in sensitive areas.


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