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Autonomous laser repeller LazerTrac® LZT500

LazerTrac control box
LazerTrac laser head

Welcome to our professional autonomous bird repelling laser system, designed to effectively and ethically protect building roofs and storage areas from bird damage.
Our cutting-edge technology provides a humane and effective solution to bird deterrence, ensuring your property is protected without damage.

The LazerTrac® system comes on two parts : the control box that allows to program the device, and the rotative laser head than will follow a pattern to scare the birds away.


It protects your property from bird-related hazards such as droppings, nesting and structural damage, ensuring a clean and safe environment

This solution is silent and has almost no habituation effect.
The laser path is so complex (up to 80 points) that the birds cannot predict it and do not get used to it

Avoid costly repairs and maintenance associated with bird infestations, ultimately saving on long-term costs

LazerTrac LZT500

Long-lasting, safe and versatile bird control

Durable avian protection solution

Customisable settings allow you to tailor the laser's parameters such as timing, operating times and coverage area to suit your specific requirements. This advanced programming ensures a long-lasting effectiveness.

Safe and eco-friendly bird repeller

By following the safety instructions given by your BirdProTech team, this system emits a laser beam that pose no threat to birds, people or the environment, making it an environmentally conscious choice for bird control.

Versatile bird protection

Its versatility makes it suitable for professional use, ideal for protecting the roofs of buildings, warehouses and storage facilities from bird damage and contamination. Plus, with easy installation, you can easily integrate our bird deterrent laser system into your existing infrastructure with minimal set-up requirements, ensuring hassle-free deployment.

Technical characteristics

Laser beam color


10 000 hours

Lifetime of the laser source (in typical use)


Laser class

230 V ~ 50 Hz

Power source 

60x 60 x 90 cm


9,1 kg


Between -10 °C and 50 °C

Storage temperature

Between -10 °C and 35 °C

Operating temperature 

200 meters

Average outdoor laser range

Procedure for installing a LazerTrac® bird deterrent system

Tackling bird issues head-on

Proposal and quotation

Once we have received the details of the bird issue to be solved, we will draw up a suitable technical proposal and send you a price quotation. Our expert team will advise you on the strategic location for the laser system
Turning technical studies into operational solution

Initial commissioning

Once the quotation has been accepted and the equipment installed, we carry out the initial commissioning and train you in the operation of the system and laser safety rules. The settings will meet your preferences and needs
Keeping your bird control effortless

Simplified maintenance solutions

Maintenance of the system is straightforward and can be carried out by a trained person. However, we can also offer to carry this out for you (frequency and conditions to be agreed if required)
XSEA roof - Laser Installation - Bird Control Solutions

Whilst our autonomous LazerTrac® bird repeller is designed to effectively deter birds, results may vary depending on environmental factors and bird species.
Always follow usage guidelines and local regulations when using the device.

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    LazerTrac® LZT 500
    Autonomous laser repeller