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Autonomous bird repeller LazerTrac® LZT40

LazerTrac control box
LazerTrac laser head

The LazerTrac® LZT40 autonomous bird repeller projects a laser beam onto a pre-programmed area and moves close enough to scare birds away without directly targeting them.

An innovative and silent system

The LazerTrac® LZT40 autonomous system is programmed using a control box, which also allows audible signals to be emitted.

Habituation can occur with some repelling devices after a few weeks of use. This means that the birds get used to them and are no longer bothered by these repellent techniques. This is not the case with this laser, as the beam path is too complex for the birds to follow (laser path with up to 80 points).

The birds end up leaving the area as a precaution, unable to predict its path in advance and therefore unable to get used to it.

A safe and dynamic bird control solution

Combines laser and sound technology for dynamic bird control, preventing the habituation effect.

This system is suitable for a variety of indoor environments including warehouses, agricultural facilities and food processing plants.

It allows you to customise operating times, sound intervals and volume levels for customised bird control.

Safe for humans and animals when used as directed, with 2M laser classification. Durable design: IP55-rated system with long-life laser source, designed for reliable performance.

Technical characteristics

Laser beam color


10 000 hours

Lifetime of the laser source (in typical use)

230 V ~ 50 Hz

Power source


Laser class

60x 60 x 90 cm


9,1 kg


Between -10 °C and 35 °C

Operating temperature 

Between -10 °C and 50 °C

Storage temperature

200 meters

Indoor laser range

Customizable, safe, and versatile bird control

Indoor protection

Designed for indoor use within a maximum range of 200 metres, suitable for a variety of industrial and commercial environments.

Combined systems

This innovative system combines distress signals and laser technology for increased effectiveness against a wide range of bird species.


Once programmed, the system runs on its own. All that is required is quick and easy maintenance.


Birds instinctively leave the area when they see the moving laser beam, perceiving it as a threat without identifying its nature. The laser is not dangerous to human vision (if the conditions of use are respected).


Users can install the 2M laser class system themselves, saving on service fees.
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