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Acoustic bird repeller AviTrac®

BirdProTech - Avitrac-18s

A programmable solution to protect your activity from unwanted bird presence

The AviTrac® bird repeller protects your activity from the presence of unwanted birds

The sound catalogue includes natural predator calls, physiological disturbance signal and distress calls from targeted species.

Emitted signals, transmission interval, start and stop time, volume, …

Featuring a patented technology, made in EU.

  • Controlled noise disturbance
  • Harmless for users and animals

Several available options : solar panel, visual option, remote control and others.

AviTrac roof protection birds gull

Technical characteristics

3-weeks autonomy

Features a rechargeable Lithium LiFePO4 or lead-acid battery  

Up to 120 dBA @ 1 meter

Sound intensity

Up to 200 x 200 Meters

Protected area


IP55 waterproof case & folding metallic stand


Easy-to-use and easy-to-install

Manufacturer guarantee

1 year warranty on all our products (parts and labour)

Made in European Union

And worldwide delivery available

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Efficient on many species

The acoustic bird repeller AviTrac® emits bird scaring signals to protect an area from the presence of birds, without habituation effect. The library of emitted sounds features different types of signals.

It is efficient on many species such as crows, jackdaws and ravens, wood pigeons, starlings and sparrows and seagulls.

Natural predator calls

The AviTrac® employs authentic predator calls to instill a sense of danger among pest birds, effectively deterring them from the protected area

Synthetic signals

Utilizing advanced technology, the AviTrac® generates synthetic signals, enhancing its versatility and effectiveness in creating a hostile environment for birds

Distress calls from targeted species

Tailored distress calls specific to targeted bird species are emitted by the AviTrac®, contributing to its precision in bird deterrence without causing harm to the animals

A scalable and flexible system

This bird control solution can be adapted to many types of areas such as solar rooftops where bird droppings can reduce electricity production, electric plants where flying birds can cause electronic disturbance, wind farms to avoid collision with birds and in airports to avoid aircraft strikes during take-off and landing.

BirdProTech can also adapt this acoustic system to a remote controller, so it can be used in an airport environment by professionals in wildlife hazard prevention services. The acoustic repeller can then emit scaring signals, via a remote trigger control, to secure the area around the take-off/landing runways against the presence of wild animals and thus limit the risk of collision.

Acoustic bird repeller