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Avian management for Pest control

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Avian management for Pest control

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Pest control

Bird repellers designed for pest control sector

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Bird-related issues : strategies for harmonious coexistence

Pest control sector is well-know for implementing solutions against insects and rodents. However, an overabundance of birds can cause problems too.

Birds in city centres and residential areas can sometimes pose a challenge and cause damage. A common problem is the accumulation of bird droppings on buildings and public spaces.

The corrosive nature of these droppings can damage infrastructure, including historic buildings, monuments and vehicles. Moreover, the noise generated by certain bird species, such as corvids and seagulls, can disturb the peace and quiet of urban and suburban neighbourhoods, affecting the quality of life of residents.

Birds also tend to nest in inconvenient places such as chimneys and vents, causing blockages and potential fire hazards. Their nests can harbour parasites that pose a health risk to humans.

Resolving bird damage issues in urban and residential areas requires a balanced approach that respects wildlife while using humane deterrent methods to mitigate the problems. The range of LazerTrac® systems, autonomous and silent repellers, provide long-lasting and versatile solution to protect buildings without noise disturbance.

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