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How to successfully install an autonomous laser repeller?

Autonomous laser repelling

Understanding laser repelling

Laser repelling involves projecting a green laser beam over a designated area for protection. Birds perceive the green dot on a surface as a physical threat, prompting them to instinctively fly away.

The objective is not to target birds directly but rather an adjacent area, making the green laser beam distinctly visible to them. Over time, birds come to regard the safeguarded area as unsafe.

This technology’s merit lies in its prolonged efficacy against various bird species:

  • Sparrows
  • Pigeons
  • Seagulls
  • Gulls
  • Starlings

Raptors and domestic poultry remain unaffected.

This technology proves effective against most species causing harm in professional structures.

An additional advantage of this repelling method is its silent operation, enabling its use in proximity to residential or office zones. Finally, it is totally unharmfull for birds and can replace lethal methods.

autonomous LazerTrac repeller bird control solution

Prolonged efficacy against various bird species


Operation of the LazerTrac® autonomous laser repeller

The LazerTrac® repeller operates on mains power and combines a laser beam, tracing a path pre-recorded by the user, with targeted scare signal emissions. These signals, audible to humans, are similar to those employed by the AviTrac® range of acoustic repellers.

To minimize noise disturbance, the speaker can be removed if the coverage area is close to residential or working spaces.

Usually affixed to a wall or pole, this part facilitates programming operating hours, intervals between signals/laser sweeps, emitted scare signals, and volume of emission. It must remain accessible at human height.

Typically positioned at a height to ensure the light point covers the entire protected area without obstruction. This enhances precision in laser path programming. Elevating the laser head significantly improves the system’s effectiveness.

Control unit LaserTrac
laser head
Installation overview

Typical configuration

Indoor installation LazerTrac 40 BirdProTech

Note : An emergency stop button with a remote key can be added near the entrance to halt laser emissions before people enter the site.


Indoors protection against birds presence

The various elements of the system are positioned to achieve maximum efficiency.The laser head must be mounted high on the wall and the control unit must be mounted at human height. Finally, the whole set is plugged into an indoor 220V socket.

Complex laser path to prevent habituation effect

The path the laser follows can have up to 80 points. This complex design makes it very difficult for birds to predict the laser's trajectory.

Optionnal acoustic transmitter

The repelling effect can be enhanced with acoustic scaring signals, depending on the pest species.

Applications of the autonomous  LazerTrac® 

This system addresses various protection needs:

The significant flow of goods (inbound and outbound) often keeps the sectional doors of these buildings open. Birds take advantage to enter and settle inside.

Open areas where birds can find abundant food. Birds often nest on-site.

This type of farming suffers significant damage, especially from herons and cormorants that come to feed in the early evening and at night.

LazerTrac data sheet

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