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Roof protection for a logistics building against the presence of seabirds

Information of the project

A challenging situation and various issues

The presence of approximately 200 birds on the roof poses several problems. Firstly, the droppings significantly damage the roof and its covering. Additionally, a considerable accumulation of food remnants blocks drainage, creating a risk to the roof’s waterproofing. Finally, the presence of a large group of birds creates a perpetual noise nuisance that disturbs employees in this workplace.

Implementation of an autonomous protection system

Serviphar had not previously implemented a scare system to protect its 12,000 m² roof.
The recurring cleaning costs amounted to €5,000 per year. The company eventually researched alternative methods and contacted BirdProTech. After an initial remote technical study by the company, an autonomous bird repeller LazerTrac® LZT500, was quickly installed.

Complete effectiveness

The LazerTrac® 500 was positioned on a parapet in the middle of the roof to cover two sections. The laser head was mounted on a mast about 3 metres high. The system was programmed to emit scare signals and run its laser pattern from dusk until dawn, as seagulls are mainly active at night. The results were immediate, and the group of birds completely abandoned the roof.

Technical description

LazerTrac® LZT500 programming
The LazerTrac® LZT500 autonomous repeller was programmed to combine a laser path with scaring signals during a unique time frame from 8:00 pm to 6:00 am

Description of the issue

Very high presence of seagulls and gulls on the roof

Rooftop surface
12,000 m²
Recurring cleaning costs
€5,000 saved yearly
"The issue has been addressed 100%" Hervé CHOPIN – Maintenance Manager
100% of individuals left the area immediately
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